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Lily Brenner

I can relate to literal "cold chills" after viewing this picture and it's possibilities! I am not nearly as well read on the end times like you, but have been learning more about it in the past 12 years or so.
Bible Prophecy certainly has it's place in the sun now! I just pray people will not be willfully blind to what's going on in our world today as to how it relates to the end times.
Thank you for your article.

lilygodsgirl :)


Ohhhh! The technology is "out of this world"! To have a computer keyboard inserted into our arms is just too wild. Fits in with the end times concept.

I wonder if these companies will know how to prevent disease from streaming into our blood stream because any type of chip inserted releases toxins into our system.

Great article!

Becky Benedict

Its a frighteing thing. How will we know at what point to refuse to accept the latest technology? So many people I have mentioned this to don't think it is a big deal - and most are Christian people! Are we being lulled to sleep? Or do we love our technology too much?


really this is actually happening like its written in the last days knowledge will increase. The devil will use it and God will use it to for his glory

Spite C

Yahoo news has an article with Nokia's cell phone tech applied as a tattoo. The end is now. Have a nice day.


!!!!!!!!!!URGENT URGENT URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the owner of this website and all who read this.

I want to bring to your attention the following link:

Scan Hand for ATM Cash, No Card Required -- In a move that seems like it should have happened in the year 2000,
a Japanese bank announced it will be installing about a dozen automated teller machines that can read customers'
palms to identify them. Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will be the country's first to introduce the system.

It is more than obvious that time (as we know it) is very very short.

Regards from The Netherlands,


Wesley Paul

It will be most unnoticeable. Only His people will recognize it. We only guess.

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