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Nickelsaver (@nickelsaver)

There is one big difference between the US and Greece, or any other country in for that matter. The US uses the dollar as it's currency

The dollar is unique, in that it serves both as the national currency of the USA and the World's reserve currency.

This is significant because the US can and has exported debt to all the other nations in the world. Consequently, the USA avoids austerity through continuing to inflate the dollar based debt balloon.

The kind of austerity that awaits the USA will be much worse than that of Greece, because it will happen as a result of the total collapse of the dollar system.

In a sense, it will come as a "thief in the night" to most American's. It will happen quickly. Only those who were wise enough to hold physical gold, and only physical gold, will stand on the other side of this transition having retained their financial assets.

Furthermore, Gold will be the one thing that people who resist the "Mark" will be able to count on.

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