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B. Pritchett

I don't see this working well. People are using cellphones instead of landlines and changing numbers frequently too. Also, how is using a phone number linked to a debit acct really any different than any other kind of number linked( ie. Account numbers)? When they start piloting retinal scans or rfid for payment they'll have my attention but for now, it's just more job security for Paypal.


I'm not all that religious but I can see this happening, the government wants to track you and you all are just rolling over and saying "It so easy to use the 'smart' phone to do this...." wake up! paypal gives your information to the government, and you are paying them to do it! Religious people keep screaming about the mark of the beast, I am not religious but have studied many religious text and can see that you are missing it. pass it on, dump the 'smart' phones. BTW from a hardware point they are the most non secure devices that you can use. There OS's, if you can call them that are full of security holes and the software is kluged together at best.

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