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I am sure that anyone who reads Jim's blog regularly will agree that the United States is in deep financial trouble. A $14+ trillion national debt looms over our heads...in fact I can recall my astronomy teacher--in a college class I took through Florida State University while I was stationed in Pamana--comparing the distance of a star to that of the national debt of around $1 trillion at that time. That was in 1982 and since then, the national debt has increased nearly 15 fold. And this figure is not counting future payments for entitlement programs to the tune of $200+ trillion that are currently unfunded—we're talking a lot of money here. One would have thought that steps would have been taken at that time to eliminate that national debt, but none were taken as our leadership in Washington continues to pass the buck. Further, entitlement programs have increased over the years. Also has life expectancy.

My mother passed away in March of 2010 at the age of 82, she retired at the age of 62 when the company she was working for at the time went out of business. My mother then collected social security for 20 years. And over that time, I estimate she collected over $200,000 in social security payments, this estimate does not include what she received in medicare during that last 5 years of her life. Before that, my mother was under my step-father's postal retirement benefits. And with the jobs my mother held, I hardly think she paid into social security and medicare what she received back in benefits. So multiply my mother's situation by the millions of baby boomers getting ready to retire now. There is no possible way that the United States is going to be able to support all these people. And it doesn't help that 50.000.000 babies were aborted since 1973. That's 50,000,000 people that are now not paying into social security...so much for the great ponzi scheme.

Dan Annweiler
CEO and Editor of the Urban Survival Blog

P.S. Of course I loved my mother, I am only using her as an example because I am familiar with the situation.

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