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Hi Jim! I believe the Mark of the Beast is the economical breakdown introducing the microchip, which, in turn, will try to dominate and suffocate man from all countries.

I absolutely am locked into prophecy because it's such a fascinating subject; sad, but fascinating nonetheless.

Yes, absolutely, the government is deceiving the American people; it is too large to police itself which explains the spiraling debt with no accountability. This debt didn't happen overnight, it crept up slowly but is now skyrocketing out of control.

Keep up posting your comments/viewpoints. This is still America and we can still speak our minds (at least for a time appointed for change).

Lily Brenner

My bottom line is to tell people about Jesus and the hope of heaven, before all you know what breaks loose because of the money system in place. The soon coming money system (or lack of real money) will be a horrific event.
How does one prepare: 1. placing one's faith in God and prayer, 2. making as many physical & mental preprations as possible. 3. Sharing with those who will listen. I have found if you even remotely try to talk of such an event, people tune you out immediately or they look at you like your crazy, or they are fanatical about it already. :)
I am sure this is coming, just don't know when. I'm glad I do not know, but will prepare the best way possible.


Be of good courage because Jesus has conquered the world. There are more for us than against us. We who love our Father more than our own lives, some thing, some place or someone, know He saves our souls regardless of what the Anti Christ, The Beast or Man may do to us physically. This world is not our Home. Stand still and see the salvation of our Father. Like the three Hebrew young men who did not bow down to Nebuchadnezzar's pathetic idol, we say "whether Father saves us or not, we will not bow down" or give in to the Mark of The Beast. Nothing can separate us from the Love of Our Father.

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